Watch: Jim Carrey returns as The Cable Guy in Super Bowl spot


With only two days left until this year’s Super Bowl, it seems like a number of nostalgic characters from the nostalgic ‘90s are making their triumphant return. Earlier this week, Mike Myers reprised his role as Austin Powers villain Dr. Evil for a General Motors’ Super Bowl ad. Now, legendary actor Jim Carrey is returning as the titular character from 1996’s The Cable Guy in a new Super Bowl spot from Verizon.

Carrey himself took to Twitter to personally promote the ad, which is expected to release in full this Sunday, Feb 13. during the Super Bowl. “This Sunday…he’s back… and he just wants to connect!  8^•,” he wrote in the tweet.

In the 10-second teaser, Carrey suits up in the traditional gear of cable technician Ernie “Chip” Douglas as he fastens his tool belt and uses a lint roller to capture lint on his uniform. The aforementioned ad was created to promote Verizon’s 5G Internet services, so it makes absolute sense for a cable technician to provide help, even if he is a bit strange.

Directed by Ben Stiller, The Cable Guy follows an anomalous cable installer who tends to stalk his customers whenever they extend him a bit of kindness. Jim Carrey stars as the film’s titular character, while Matthew Broderick stars as the customer being stalked by Cable Guy Chip. Critically, the film obtained less-than-favorable reviews upon its initial release. However, it has since received a strong cult following over the years, and fans of gearing up to see Carrey in the hilarious role once more.