Watch: Loki Promo Teases Big Changes Coming To The MCU

While the WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finales had great entertainment value, they were generally met with a bit of a mixed reception for fans as some seemed to think they didn’t quite live up to the high hype and intense fan theories that had built up over the preceding weeks. You might think we should keep our expectations in check for the Loki finale, then, which drops on Disney Plus this Wednesday.

But that’s not what this new promo – which you can catch via the player above – indicates. According to this new trailer, hike up those expectations as high as possible, people, as the finale will apparently “change everything we know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe”. Yes, that is exactly what the dramatic voiceover guy says in this latest teaser for tomorrow’s finale. As per D+’s tradition of keeping spoilers to a minimum, it doesn’t feature any fresh footage but that bold claim has got us excited all the same.

So what does it mean that Loki changes our understanding of the MCU? Well, this will only further fuel those theories that the finale will set up the deep-dive into the multiverse that is to come in first Spider-Man: No Way Home this December and then Doctor Strange 2 next March. Fans are also confident that Kang the Conqueror, thought to be the franchise’s next big bad, is going to be revealed as the true creator of the TVA. But, who knows, maybe neither of these theories are right. Maybe the finale will reveal that Miss Minutes is the MCU’s next Thanos. You heard it here first.

The good news is there’s not long left to wait until we get to find out what this promo’s voiceover guy is talking about. Loki concludes with what we can hope will be a fitting finale on Disney Plus this Wednesday.