Watch: Master Chief makes an important discovery ‘Halo’ episode 5 teaser


In the wake of Halo episode four, now available for streaming on Paramount Plus, the newly released trailer for episode five shows relationships fraying, mysteries deepening, and of course, unrelenting action.

In the teaser, in the cavern on Eridanus, Master Chief encounters the Forerunner artifact, which Cortana informs him is more powerful than the one he encountered previously on Madrigal. Halsey orders him to stay away from it until she can study it.

Later, we see Kai-125, who appears to be suffering dysfunction due to the removal of her emotional suppressor pellet. John forbids her from combat, and she questions his own fitness for battle. Meanwhile, Kwan vows to Soren that she will free Madrigal before he unceremoniously manacles her to their bike, saying she owes him for the destruction of his ship. While preparing to take the artifact from Eridanus to the Pioneer, the team triggers some sort of kinetic event that affects the dig and everyone there. Kai can be seen announcing (in another language – presumably Covenant) that “I can see where it is!” before the site is attacked by Covenant forces.

What exactly Kai can see is not revealed, but it may be yet another connection to the forerunners, perhaps to the “sacred halo” itself. Some sort of conflict definitely appears to be arising between the Master Chief and Kai-125, and it’s safe to say we’ll see more of their story and John’s mysterious connection to the Forerunners as the episode plays out.

Halo episode five will be available April 21 on Paramount Plus.