Watch: New Hawkeye Promo Highlights Clint And Kate’s Quirky Dynamic


With the upcoming Marvel series Hawkeye right around the corner, we’re now getting a new promo highlighting the odd couple dynamic between Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop and Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton, which you can view above.

The show looks to be channeling the old trope of pairing up a seasoned veteran with a rookie eager to prove their salt in the line of duty, as seen in classic cop films and/or buddy comedies.

We see Vera Farmiga’s Eleanor Bishop, who plays Kate’s mom, interrogating the pair, saying, “so Kate is helping you with an Avengers-level threat?” Kate then eagerly replies “He’s my partner,” to which Clint hesitates to adopt the moniker: “That’s kind of a stretch.”

Clint then gives the whole spiel about how being a superhero isn’t as glamorous as it seems and often involves putting one’s life in danger.

Kate’s naive retort: “There’s also cool costumes and trick arrows.”

Clint then puts Kate’s ego further in check after she declares some have called her the world’s greatest archer: “Are you one of those people?” It’s shaping up to be a classic dynamic that we’ve seen in films like Rush Hour, Lethal Weapon, and Bad Boy, and numerous other buddy cop shows.

And interspersed among the sassy dialogue are, of course, scenes of jaw-dropping action, explosions, and stunts.

Over-used tropes aside, we’re still looking forward to the show’s induction of young Avenger Kate into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The six-part premiere season of Hawkeye begins with the first two episodes becoming available on Disney Plus on Nov. 24.