Watch: New Hawkeye TV Spot Reveals Where Clint’s Trick Arrows Come From

A new Hawkeye TV spot reveals where Clint Barton’s trick arrows come from. As the avenging archer himself once said, it kind of makes no sense that Clint has faced aliens, robots and more with just a bow and arrow and always come out on top, but the truth is he’s always had a quiver full of special arrows sporting a variety of useful functions that have helped save the day. And we’ll be seeing much more of his trick arrows in action soon, as the trailers for his upcoming Disney Plus show have promised.

What’s more, this new TV spot confirms that Barton makes them himself. This latest promo aired during ABC’s Sunday Night Football and it features some must-see snippets of fresh footage. Including a scene which reveals Jeremy Renner’s hero at his workbench, putting together some souped-up arrows for his next mission. Check it out via the screen recording below:

As this clip makes clear, Barton gets his tech from Stark Industries, however he’s the one who creates the arrows himself. In his previous appearances, it’s been unclear whether Tony made them for him or if they were supplied by S.H.I.E.L.D. but now we know that his trick arrows are Barton originals. Given how much Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop fangirls over them in other clips, what’s the betting he teaches her how to make them herself in the series?

This is yet another callback to the iconic Matt Fraction/David Aja Hawkeye comics which are a huge influence on the show. In that book, Barton is very independent from the other Avengers and frequently turns down their help… until he finds himself a new partner in Kate. Given that he has a family in the MCU, Renner’s Clint is a little bit less of a loner but his dynamic with his protégé still looks to be a lot of fun.

Marvel’s Hawkeye debuts on Disney Plus with its first two episodes on Wednesday, November 24.