Watch: New Marvel’s What If…? Promo Reveals Next Episode’s Premise

What If

This Wednesday delivers the latest from Marvel’s What If…?, and a new promo for tomorrow’s episode reveals exactly what we can expect from this week’s alternate universe. Unusually, the teaser spells out the big “what if…?” scenario that spawns the plot, which will center on Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder. Are you ready? Episode 7 will be titled “What If… Thor was an Only Child?”

The latest promo comes straight from the official What If…? Twitter account, which spells out how the Marvel universe will change to accommodate Thor’s new sibling-free life. Check out the trailer via the tweet below:

So what would life be like for Thor if he was an only child? Well, by the looks of it, pretty damn great. As the promo confirms, episode 7 explores a reality where Odin elected not to take Loki with him back to Asgard and instead simply gave the abandoned baby back to Laufey—hopefully, the Frost Giant king didn’t just leave him to die somewhere else. Because of that, Thor grew up without his mischievous sibling around, which appears to have had the effect of turning him into a carefree, fun-loving prince. We already know from merchandise that this variant is dubbed “Party Thor.”

Loki lovers will likely be disappointed that we won’t be getting more of Hiddleston’s anti-hero this week, following his earlier appearance this season in episode 3. However, this lighter-hearted episode looks set to be the perfect palette-cleanser after the doom and gloom of the last few installments. We’ve had zombie apocalypses, whole universes destroyed, and multiple murders of Tony Stark. We’re definitely due a party.

Don’t miss What If…? episode 7 when it lands on Disney Plus this Wednesday. After this, there are just two more weeks to go. But, don’t worry, a second season is already in the works.