Watch: First look at part two of ‘South Park: Post COVID’


South Park: Post COVID kicked off on Nov. 25 with the first of several television movies streaming on Paramount Plus. The special takes place forty years after the South ParQ Vaccination Special, which aired on Mar. 10, 2021 on Comedy Central and saw the residents of South Park vying for the COVID vaccine.

In the series of TV films airing on Paramount Plus, the kids have all grown up and gone their separate ways when death brings them back together. It’s no surprise that the death is that of Kenny, who grew up and became a famous physicist. When the group is back together, they find out that Kenny promised them detailed information regarding COVID if they could think as they did when they were kids and find it.

Through the experience, they’re forced to face decisions they made growing up, and they discover that Kenny was trying to do more than just figure out the origins of COVID⏤he was attempting to time travel to prevent it from happening. Kenny missed their friendship and everything they didn’t appreciate when they had it.

The special ends with the boys agreeing to finish Kenny’s work and several other South Park residents coming to terms with their own decisions.

A trailer for the second special was released today, showing chaos once again as COVID returns and the boys experiment with time travel, with hilarious antics interwoven into the storyline.

The synopsis for the next COVID movie installment, South Park: Post COVID: The Return of COVID, is as follows:

“If Stan, Kyle and Cartman could just work together, they could go back in time to make sure COVID never happened and save Kenny’s life. In South Park: Post COVID: The Return of COVID, traveling back to the past seems to be the easy answer until they meet Victor Chaos.”

Do you think the boys will nail time travel? Will they find a way to stop COVID and bring Kenny back? What will happen when they come face-to-face with Victor Chaos? Answers to those questions and more will come on Dec. 16 when South Park: Post COVID: The Return of COVID airs on Paramount Plus.