Watch: Olaf Presents Trailer And Poster Revealed For Upcoming Original Shorts


Calling Disney fans of all ages: Disney Plus dropped an adorable trailer today that showcases one of everyone’s new favorite characters in an incredibly endearing and funny way. 

Whether you’re more of a Disney classics person or someone who likes their more modern works, this is a treat for all of us. There’s something all Disney fans can agree on; Olaf is the most adorable representation of what it feels like to be growing up and trying to hold on to the magic for as long as you can.

Olaf is mixing old with new in a newly released trailer as he shares classic Disney tales with fans in his own sweet way. Of course, if you watched Frozen 2, you know that Olaf is quite the storyteller; his talent is immersive, and he really packs an emotional punch—just ask Sterling K. Brown!

Olaf Presents will allow our favorite snowman to do just that; tell the tales of our favorite Disney stories with magical props to enhance his art form and to make us all laugh along the way.

As the trailer shows, Olaf plans to cover everything from Aladdin to Moana and a poster of the upcoming series (gallery above) released alongside the trailer shows must-watch scenes from Olaf’s storytelling adventure.

Olaf Presents debuts on November 12th, so snuggle up with friends and loved ones, grab some hot cocoa, and gear up for laughter and feel-good fun.