Watch: Peacemaker shows his softer side in new clip from HBO Max show

Photo via HBO

John Cena’s anti-hero shows off his more sensitive side in this new clip from the upcoming HBO Max series Peacemaker.

On the back of his treacherous actions in The Suicide Squad, Christopher Smith was an unlikely choice to be given his own spinoff show, when more easily likable characters like Bloodsport or Ratcatcher could’ve got the same treatment. Going by this clip, though, it looks like writer/director James Gunn is looking to change our opinions about Smith with this project.

This sneak peek (see above) sees Peacemaker acting against type as he puts on some music in his room and proceeds to sob uncontrollably on his bed. “Everybody f—ing hates you,” Smith says while punching himself, before bemoaning how he pushes everyone away. “You killed Rick Flag,” he admits before quoting Flag’s memorable final line, “Peacemaker… what a joke.” Vigilante (Freddie Stroma) then appears at the window, causing Smith to hurriedly pull himself together.

While this scene is mostly played for laughs, it offers an interesting window into Smith’s self-doubt and self-hatred, which TSS didn’t explore. In the movie, he was depicted as being totally unrepentant for his murderous actions as he believed he was working towards the greater good. However, this clip teaches us that he does, in fact, regret killing the noble Flag. Clearly, the soldier’s haunting last words made an impact, after all.

It looks like Smith will go on something of a redemption arc in Peacemaker, then. Still, it remains to be seen whether it’ll be enough to make fans forgive him for the death of Flag, as many touted the demise of Joel Kinnaman’s character as one of the most emotional deaths in a DC movie ever.

Co-starring Jennifer Holland, Steve Agee, Chukwudi Iwuji, Robert Patrick, and Danielle Brooks, Peacemaker drops its first three episodes on HBO Max this Thursday, Jan. 13.