Watch Pilot Episode Of Christian Slater’s Hacking Drama Mr. Robot


With the recent Sony debacle still fresh in the memory, the issue of hacking and internet security continues to be a hot button topic in modern day life, and it’s one that will only continue to gain traction as technology proliferates. And much like other societal issues, themes of hacking and cybernetic skullduggery have found their way into various cultural media and, in this instance, the realm of television for USA’s upcoming drama, Mr. Robot.

Created by Sam Esmail, the show itself has been billed as a psychological thriller, pitting 24‘s Rami Malek into the lead role of Elliot. What Elliot lacks in basic social skills he makes up for in clandestine hacking, with Mr. Robot’s protagonist having the ability to tiptoe past firewalls and other digital security measures as though they didn’t exist. It isn’t long before his actions attract powerful players in the form of Christian Slater’s titular, mysterious antagonist, who introduces Rami to a criminal underground where hacking is king.

At the time of writing, USA has commissioned the series for a ten-episode season, and Mr. Robot‘s future will ultimately be determined by how audiences react to the show. Speaking of which, We Got This Covered has the pilot episode for you to view online, and we’ve embedded the video above for you to enjoy.

Mr. Robot will officially premiere on June 24, 2015. In the meantime, check out the pilot episode above and let us know your early impressions of Esmail’s drama via the comments section below.


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