Watch: The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror XXXI Trailer Teases New Tales Of Terror


Can 2020 get any scarier? The Simpsons is willing to bet it can with the arrival of its latest Halloween special. Every fall for the last 31 years (!), Homer and his clan have delivered three new tales of terror and hilarity with the record-breaking animated show’s traditional Treehouse of Horror specials. This year, though, we’ve lived through enough real-life horrors, so maybe it’ll be refreshing to witness some over-the-top cartoon ones.

With Treehouse of Horror XXXI landing this Sunday, a new trailer has been released for the episode and you can check it out below:

What’s more, a clip from the episode has also been unveiled. It comes from the opening segment, which will get topical and see Homer casting his vote on Election Day. In the minute-long preview below, he’s having a hard time choosing between the candidates when Lisa arrives to remind him why the choice should be really easy. Cue a never-ending list of a certain POTUS’ crimes over the past four years…

Once the timely political humor is out the way, XXXI will deliver three twisted parodies. There’s “Toy Gory,” a fully CG-animated take on Pixar’s Toy Story where Bart is punished by his own action figures, “Into the Homerverse,” a Spider-Verse spoof featuring various Homers from across the multiverse, and finally, “Be Nine, Rewind,” which sees Lisa reliving her birthday over and over like Natasha Lyonne in Netflix’s Russian Doll. 

Treehouse of Horror XXXI airs as part of The Simpsons‘ thirty-second season, which is a major one for the show as it’s seen a few casting changes. Non-white characters will now only be played by actors of color – with Alex Désert already joining the cast as Homer’s friend Carl (previously voiced by Hank Azaria). Not everyone’s behind this decision, though, as star Harry Shearer has criticized the move.

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