Watch: Someone remade the ‘Peacemaker’ intro using LEGO animation


Peacemaker has had one of the most popular intros in modern TV, and one fan has captured the magic in LEGO form in a new animated clip shared to YouTube.

YouTuber Brick Cucumber showcased their work which brings the intro into the animated realm using LEGO figures, still set to the show’s theme song, Wig Wam’s “Do Ya Wanna Taste It”.

In terms of LEGO animation, this work perfectly replicates the look and movements you’d expect from the characters in this format. The work has even drawn the attention of Peacemaker director James Gunn, who shared it on social media for fans to check out.

The final episode of Peacemaker‘s first season back in February, kicking off the year for DC with a ton of momentum.

The show has quickly become popular among DC’s roster on HBO Max and its intro has also been one of its most well-recognized parts. The bold song choice combined with a choreographed dance routine isn’t what fans expected from the intense action and humor of the series, but that may just be why it works so well.

If you are yet to check out Peacemaker, all eight episodes can be streamed on HBO Max. The show has since been renewed for a second season, along with the announcement of another spin-off of The Suicide Squad which is yet to be detailed.

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