Watch: ‘South Park’ celebrates 25th season with orchestral rendition of ‘Chocolate Salty Balls’


The mad geniuses behind South Park just released a full-blown orchestral version of one of the show’s most notoriously foul-mouthed songs, “Chocolate Salty Balls,” ahead of the animated comedy’s 25th season premiere next month.

The 45-second clip is short but salty-sweet with a fully decked-out orchestra in tuxedos looking unusually classy when juxtaposed to the raunchy lyrics that include the line, “Suck on my chocolate salty balls.”

It’s especially giggle-worthy to hear the lyrics belted out with the operatic precision of Tamar Greene, who plays George Washington in the current Broadway company of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical, Hamilton, according to his website.

Of course, in the context of when the song originally appeared in the show, the number is decidedly tongue-in-cheek, with the brown orbs being a reference to a new confectionary dessert Isaac Hayes’ Chef is trying to sell to the public.

The song originally appeared in season two episode nine of South Park in 1998 and lasted less than a minute. But it became the basis of a single released later that year written by the show’s co-creator, Trey Parker, and produced by music legend Rick Rubin.

Incredibly, the “Chocolate Salty Balls” single garnered Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Hayes his sole number one hit in the UK.

Though Hayes eventually had a falling out with Parker and fellow South Park co-creator Matt Stone and quit the show, over an apparent disagreement about the way the show satirized Scientology, we’d like to think it would put a smile on his face to see a fully orchestrated version of the silly song he once helmed.

If you want more orchestral versions of goofy South Park tunes, their official YouTube Channel has a whole playlist full of them to enjoy.

South Park season 25 premieres on Comedy Central on March 2.

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