Watch: Star Trek: Prodigy Trailer Teases Janeway’s Return

Star Trek: Prodigy

Following the comedic, 2D-animated Lower Decks, Star Trek is going boldly into a new medium with Star Trek: Prodigy, a CG-animated series aimed at a younger generation of fans. With the return of Kate Mulgrew as Captain Kathryn Janeway for the first time since Voyager ended 20 years ago, there’s something for the older fans as well. You can get a preview of her comeback in this first teaser for the incoming show.

This trailer was revealed as part of the Star Trek block at today’s [email protected] virtual programming. The Prodigy panel was attended by the cast and creators Kevin and Dan Hageman (Trollhunters). Though this promo doesn’t reveal an exact release date, it does tell us to expect it to debut on Paramount Plus sometime this fall. Check it out below:

Prodigy follows a group of lawless teens who discover a derelict Starfleet ship and use it to take off into the stars in search of adventure, meaning and salvation. As the first Trek protagonists to not be affiliated with the interplanetary organization, the kids will come to learn more about Starfleet and what it stands for over time, thanks to the presence of Janeway’s hologram on board the ship.

Brett Gray stars as leader Dal (unknown species), Ella Purnell is Gwyn (Vau N’Akat), Angus Imrie is Zero (Medusan), Rylee Alazraqui is Rok-Tahk (Brikar), Dee Bradley Baker is Murf (adorable blob thing) and Jason Mantzoukas is Jankom Pog (Tellarite). Though originally intended to land on Nickelodeon, it was rerouted to a streaming release when Paramount Plus launched earlier this year and made the fact that it’s the hub for all Trek a major part of its marketing.

Don’t miss the 10-episode first season of Star Trek: Prodigy when it debuts sometime later this year. It will then air on Nickelodeon at some point before season 2 – which is already in the works – arrives.