Watch: New Star Wars: The Bad Batch Trailer Reveals More Familiar Faces

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Clone Force 99 are coming back for their own show. After being introduced in the final season of The Clone Wars, Hunter, Echo and the rest of the crew of genetically enhanced clone troopers are set to star in Star Wars: The Bad Batcharriving in just over a month’s time. And to keep up the hype, this latest trailer promises that a few more familiar faces will feature in the series, too.

Namely, Ming-Na Wen is reprising her role from The Mandalorian for the first time in animation in Bad Batch – a masked Fennec Shand turns up several times in this preview, though her full appearance has already been revealed in a promo image (see below). What’s more, Clone Wars fans will also be excited to see that Rex is back, too. Last but not least, Saw Gerrera – who debuted on Clone Wars, moved over to live-action for Rogue One and then returned to animation for Rebels – is likewise glimpsed. Speaking of Rogue One, it seems like Grand Moff Tarkin could be the main villain of the piece, as the imperial boss tries to get the unruly clones back under the Empire’s control.

The Bad Batch is the fourth Star Wars animated series to be exec produced by Dave Filoni, following Clone Wars, Rebels and the slightly less well-received Resistance. This trailer makes you realize just how far the animation has come since the early days of The Clone Wars, though, as the visuals showcased here are simply stunning and yet another sign that Disney is throwing a lot of money at the Star Wars TV universe now.

Taking place in the wake of the Emperor’s rise to power, Star Wars: The Bad Batch is all set to premiere – when else? – May 4th on Disney Plus.