Watch: ‘Yellowstone’ season 5 preview promises ’all will be revealed’


We’re not panicking; you’re panicking. Okay, we’re all freaking out, and with good reason. During the 2022 VMAs, Paramount surprised us with the first sneak peek of Yellowstone‘s upcoming fifth season.

“We’ll show the world who we are and what we do,” John Dutton promises as the 15-second clip silenced even the most upbeat audience during the video music awards. With an explosive and deadly end to season four, fans have been waiting on bated breath for new content. 

The powerful look at the Dutton family is as emotional as it is exciting, and few television families have the ability to leave us speechless. Patriarch John Dutton knows they’ve got more to lose than ever.

The preview shows close-ups of Beth, Kayce, Jamie, Rip, and John, and the emotion on their face is as heart-stopping as it is adrenaline-producing. They’ve faced death, a fight for land, power struggles, and secrets that threatened the very livelihood they rely on. Season five promises to reveal it all, so the big question now is — who survives once the floodgates are open?

Will John take office and find a way to save his beloved family name? What did Kayce mean when he said he saw “the end of us”? What, on earth, will happen to Rip and Beth after the secret between them is revealed? Is love enough to save a family with so much to lose? These questions and more are sure to be answered, and the wait is almost over.

The two-hour television event kicks off on November 13, and you won’t want to spend the day doing anything but immersing yourself in all things Dutton.