HBO Issues The Green Light For Westworld Season 3


Westworld 3.0 is already in the formative stages of development, it seems.

Earlier today, HBO confirmed plans for a third season of the hit sci-fi series, which is currently in the midst of season 2 (our review) and all of its many mind-melting mysteries. It features such A-list stars as Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, Jimmi Simpson, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden and Tessa Thompson of Thor: Ragnarok, whose MCU character, Valkyrie, was sorely missed from Avengers: Infinity War.

Be that as it may, this is excellent, if unsurprising news for Westworld enthusiasts, as it ensures co-creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy will be given the chance to deep dive into the other parks simmering in the bowels of Delos. Among them is the fabled Shogun World, a landscape of “highest beauty and darkest horror,” which looks set to whisk viewers into a Japanese-themed simulation at some point in season 2.

When it comes to Westworld‘s third chapter, though, Casey Bloys, president of HBO Programming, is quietly confident that the show will still be able to uphold its reputation for “inspired storytelling and incredible visuals” even as it approaches its third installment.

It’s been an extraordinary pleasure to work with the exceptionally talented Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, as well as their gifted cast and crew. From the inspired storytelling to the incredible visuals, we are so excited to see where the next chapter will take us.

And that’s certainly something that can be said about Westworld‘s second outing, after our own review found that, “no matter what the price of entry, those who’ve successfully navigated “the maze,” will gladly pay the price of admission to experience Westworld 2.0.”

It’ll return this Sunday, May 6th, on HBO with “Virtù e Fortuna.”