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Welcome to We Got This Covered. We understand that for new staff members, posting and getting the hang of all of our formatting rules can be confusing, so we’ve put together this handy guide to help you out. We’ve also included some instructions to get you started on our project management program Basecamp.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] and you should receive a reply within 24 hours. We’re excited to have you on board and look forward to seeing your work.

How To Properly Format A Post On We Got This Covered

1. Title

Every post starts with a good title. Using wit and cleverness is always a good thing, but not necessary. If you need to go with a simple “Brad Pitt Joins New Martin Scorsese Film” title, that is fine.

A title should be descriptive though and if possible, don’t use short forms or only last names. Use full names. Don’t say Sin City 2, the movie is called “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For”. Please use proper names. And don’t say “Pitt Joins New Scorsese Film.” Please call things by their full and proper name.

Lastly, if possible, place your focus keyword (more on that later) near the start of the title, if possible. So if your focus keyword is The Hobbit, an ok title would be “New Images Released From The Hobbit”, but a better title would be “The Hobbit Reveals New Images.”

One last note. Below the title it shows the URL. BEFORE you hit publish, you can still modify this. If it doesn’t include your focus keyword, make sure it does. Sometimes it will include it but it will leave out “the” or “of”, that is fine. So if it says “/hobbit-images/”, that is fine. But if your URL just has “/images-revealed/”, that is no good. And make sure you use dashes to space out your words. So don’t put in “/hobbitimages/”, it should be “/hobbit-images/”. WordPress usually does a good job of auto generating the URL though so you likely won’t have to worry much about this.

2. Body

After your title you can begin writing. Before any content goes in though, we usually set a featured image, which is done on the right column near the bottom where it says Set Featured Image. Choose a relevant picture (something without a watermark too) and upload it into the media gallery. Ideal image dimensions are 1400×700, or around there.

Aside from making sure you have proper spelling, grammar, sentence structure etc., there are not too many guidelines here. There are a few though and here they are:

  • Your focus keyword gets bolded and italicized in its first and last usage. That’s it. Nothing else gets bolded.
  • All titles get italics
  • Your focus keyword, and any related keywords get hyperlinked to their tag page in their first usage. So if your focus keyword is The Hobbit, you hyperlink it to “https://wegotthiscovered.com/tag/the-hobbit”. Additionally, if you also mention The Lord of the Rings in the article, since that’s related, you should hyperlink it to https://wegotthiscovered.com/tag/The-Lord-of-the-Rings. The only other time you would use a link is if you are referencing something. So if you write “Peter Jackson recently said he hates Brad Pitt”, you can link that sentence to the news post on our site that was about that story, if we covered it. Also, please make sure all links are set to Open In New Tab. You can choose this setting by clicking on the click and clicking the edit icon.
  • If your post is over 500 words and not a review, you can insert a page break. If you need the HTML code for it you can email Matt at [email protected]
  • If your post is over 500 words you can also insert another picture if you need to break up a wall of text.
  • If you are doing a feature and listing things with headings, please wrap the headings with h2 tags. Meaning, if you do a feature called “5 Reasons We Love Brad Pitt” and reason number one is “He Is Good Looking”, please put that in h2 tags. Do that for anything that is a heading. This is usually only used for features and original content.
  • Like the title, please no short forms. Don’t say Sin City 2, call it by its proper name, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.
  • News posts must be at least 300 words (press releases not included) and features/reviews must be at least 750.

FOR ALL FEATURES: Please make sure to put each “entry” on a new page. You can insert a page break by switching to the Text tab and inserting this code: <!–nextpage–>. Also, the title for each entry needs to be in H2 tags. To do this, simply highlight it and on the formatting bar where it says paragraph, click the dropdown menu and click Heading 2.

3. Tags

Once you’re done writing, fill in the tags on the right side. Only use titles as tags. So if the post is called “Brad Pitt Is Good Looking”, you probably don’t need a tag. But if it’s called “Brad Pitt Joins Inception 2”, use Inception 2 as the tag. Additionally, all reviews get special tags as do movie interviews. Movie interviews need the tag movie interviews and reviews need two special tags. They need reviews and they need either movie reviews, gaming reviews, tv reviews or blu-ray reviews. For a news post though, you should really only have one tag, two at most. Don’t overtag. For features, please use the tag: featured content.

4. Categories

First, choose your primary category. So either Movies, Gaming, TV etc. Then, if it’s news, check off news too. It’s that simple. You don’t need to use anything else.

5. Author Review Settings

For reviews, please fill in this box, located below the content box. On the main tab, choose your rating, put in the title where it says name and your review summary is like your verdict. Your 1-2 sentence verdict on what you reviewed. Then click on the details tab, just put in the type (movies, gaming, blu-ray etc.,) and put in your name for author name. That’s it. Then for link, just place the URL of the review where it says URL. Nothing else needs to be touched.

6. WordPress SEO

Below the Author Review is WordPress SEO. This is pretty simple too. For focus keyword, it should be the title of what you are writing about. So If you are writing about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 5, then Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 5 should be your keyword. If you’re writing about Iron Man 3, then Iron Man 3 should be your keyword. Now on the odd occasion that you’re not really writing about a title, just use your main term or what is most relevant. If you write an article called “Leonardo DiCaprio Quits Acting”, use Leonardo DiCaprio for the focus keyword. For SEO title, please copy/paste your title from above into there. And for meta description, basically just sum up your article in 140 characters or less.

7. Excerpt

This is located below the WordPress SEO box but is only activated by clicking screen options in the top right and checking it off. Once enabled, just place your first paragraph in there.

8. Source

Below the body section is a source box. Please put in the name of your source and the URL and hit save.

9. Videos

In the box marked Video Shortcode, place: [ctv–1] (only use one dash though. We’ve put two here just so it doesn’t generate a video embed).

10. Word Repetition

A very common mistake we find writers make is using the same word over and over again in the article, and it reads awkward. Please watch out for this. For instance, instead of says “The movie is Brad Pitt’s second movie this year and will mark his fifth movie with Martin Scorsese,” you could say “The movie is Brad Pitt’s second pic this year and will mark his fifth outing with Martin Scorsese.”

11. Hyperlinks

Try to link to at least 2-3 We Got This Covered stories per post, if possible. So if you’re writing and you have a sentence that says, for instance, “Henry Cavill left the role of Superman,” hyperlink that phrase to the story on We Got This Covered about Henry leaving the role. And again, all links should be set to Open in New Tab.

12. Breaking Up Walls of Text

So that we don’t just have one huge wall of text in our articles, we like to place either a gallery, or photo, in the middle somewhere. That is, if we don’t already have something in the article. If it’s just all text, feel free to put a photo or gallery. Galleries usually work best if we have a relevant one. To insert, just click the Add WGTC Gallery button, search for a relevant gallery, and hit insert. Make sure the gallery isn’t something specific to another post though, or the user won’t understand what it’s showing. So say you’re writing about Avengers: Infinity War, don’t insert a gallery about some obscure Infinity War easter egg which makes no sense without some context. Insert a more general Infinity War gallery, like say posters for the film, or set pics.

13. Custom Twitter Post Box

In the Custom Twitter Post Box on the bottom right side, put the title of your article, hashtag the keyword and then add – #url#. So, for example: Henry Cavill Leaves #Superman Role – #url# (the #url# is a code which auto generates the URL for Twitter).

Congrats, you’ve now finished your first post. Now on to Basecamp…

Basecamp is our project management tool and it’s pretty easy to use. Once logged in you can head to the message boards to take part in active discussions or post questions, ideas, comments and concerns. You can also use Basecamp to find “suggested news stories”. The section labeled to-do is a section with current news stories that we would like written up. If you’d like to write one of them up, simply check off the story. If there are no stories there or you’d like to write something up that’s not on there, add the link and check it off BEFORE you begin writing it.

For news shift writers, please note that this To-Do list isn’t updated in real-time. As such, news writers are expected to be on the lookout for big, breaking news and are expected to prioritize news accordingly. For instance, if you see a story on the To-Do list about a small indie movie but then notice that a brand new trailer for Justice League just dropped, that obviously takes priority. Additionally, news writers are expected to produce 2-2.5 stories per hour at an average word count of 275 words per post.

That should be about it for this guide but if you have any questions please feel free to email Matt at [email protected]

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