WGTC Radio #11 – Doctor Who Series 7 Preview Spectacular!

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If you’ve listened to WGTC Radio hosts Jonathan Lack and Sean Chapman for any length of time, you know we love to talk about the perennial British sci-fi series Doctor Who. On previous podcasts we’ve hosted, we have literally devoted dozens of hours to dissecting the series. And with the seventh series of the modern run beginning Saturday, September 1st on BBC 1 and BBC America, we shall be talking about Doctor Who an awful lot.

So to kick off the new season of our favorite sci-fi series, we’ve recorded a Doctor Who Series 7 “Preview” episode, where we discuss everything leading up to the new season, what we know about upcoming episodes, and what we would like to see out of this latest batch of adventures. It’s a big episode, but with Doctor Who, there’s always plenty to talk about!

Enjoy the show, and we’ll see you next time when we discuss, in spoiler-y terms, the series premiere, Asylum of the Daleks!

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