WGTC Radio #15 – Doctor Who “The Power Of Three” Review


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This is a bit of a brief podcast, as I had a major family emergency this weekend, preventing Sean and I from finishing work on our planned topic. We’ve pushed that to next week, but still found time to record a review of the latest Doctor Who episode, The Power of Three (which I was unable to review in text form this week). We both like the episode…but there’s one element that really pissed us – and by us, I mean Sean – off. A lot. What element was it? Tune in to find out!

Enjoy the show, and we shall see you next week for what will hopefully be a more ‘complete’ episode!

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  1. MatthewMelangesays:

    When are you guys going to get back to critiquing movies? I’ve heard that Dr. Who is great but i don’t care about it

    1. I do apologize for the two weeks of all-Doctor Who. We know some listeners don’t care about it, so our original plan was to have each show be half Doctor Who and half something else. But I had a family emergency last week, and it meant we couldn’t record the other, ‘main’ topics for the past two weeks, and chose to focus instead on Doctor Who. Again, I do apologize, but rest assured we will make it up to you. Next week’s show (10/8) will be all about Indiana Jones, and we will revisit Prometheus the week after that, and we will have other News and Entertainment topics on each episode as well to keep things interesting. The “Doctor Who” barrage was largely unintentional, and I hope you will come back next week to hear some of the more exciting stuff we have in store! Thanks!

      1. Guestsays:

        I’m glad for all the Doctor Who review shows because now that I’m catching up on the series, I can finally go back and enjoy all of these podcasts.

  2. The ending narration reminded me of the end of that Twilight movie… 🙁

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