WGTC Radio #39 – Our Top 10 Favorite TV Shows: Part 2

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This week’s episode is the second installment of our special, 2-part countdown of our Top 10 Favorite TV Shows of all time! Similar to the very first episode of WGTC Radio, where we counted down our Top 10 Favorite Films, this countdown finds Sean and I each sharing our picks for the 10 TV Shows that most shaped our love the medium, created our greatest TV memories, or are simply the best from a qualitative standpoint. It is a tough topic to do, as there are always more TV shows to watch than we have time for, and great new ones cropping up every year, but as of now, these lists represent our personal favorites, and it was a very fun topic to record.

Since I am out of town this week, we recorded the episode in two parts. The first came out last week – and can be listened to here – and covered our #10 – #6 picks, including TV classics like Star Trek. This week’s episode covers the final section of the list, #5-#1, with titles like Mad Men, The X-Files, Dragon Ball Z, Doctor Who, and more!


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