WGTC Radio #40 – Doctor Who Premiere Review & Lots Of Other Stuff

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We are back from a spring break vacation with lots and lots to talk about, in particular the mid-season premiere of Doctor Who, “The Bells of Saint John.” As always, we give you an in-depth, spoiler-filled review of the episode, held for the end of this week’s show for listeners who either don’t watch Doctor Who or have not yet caught up with the new season.

But before that, we tackle a variety of topics, including the launch of Bioshock Infinite (which we will be reviewing in-depth next week), my entirely uneventful trip to Portland, Oregon, the recent release of some good movies (G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Spring Breakers), and stories of a trip to the new Alamo Drafthouse theatre in Littleton, Colorado.

And as noted in the episode, I will be holding a public signing party for my new book, Fade to Lack: A Critic’s Journey Through the World of Modern Film, on Saturday, April 6th, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at Bean Foster’s in Golden, Colorado. You can buy a book now and bring it with you (visit www.fadetolack.com for links to purchase from Amazon and Barnes and Noble), or buy a book at the event.

But without further ado, there is a ton of material to enjoy this week, so have at it!

Time Chart: 

Intro: 0:00:00 – 0:02:49

Talking Bioshock Infinite: 0:02:49 – 0:12:50

Random Discussions, Including April Fool’s and Travel Stories: 0:12:50 – 0:30:11

Movie Talk: G.I. Joe and Spring Breakers: 0:30:11 – 0:40:55

A Trip to the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton: 0:40:55 – 0:44:37

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary News: 0:44:37 – 0:53:36

Doctor Who, “The Bells of Saint John” Review: 0:53:36 – 1:43:40 

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