WGTC Radio #47 – Doctor Who Series 7 Retrospective Spectacular!

doctor who the name of the doctor

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With the seventh series of the BBC’s Doctor Who having finished this weekend, we thought it would be proper to devote an entire episode towards not only the series finale, but this very strange, extremely fragmented season as a whole.

First, we give our in depth thoughts on the big finale episode, “The Name of the Doctor,” before diving into a discussion of the season overall, giving brief retrospective opinions of each episode and exploring where this series stands in the Doctor Who pantheon. We give lots of theories about the cliffhanger ending as well.

This podcast is the first of two this week, as we also have this weekend’s big movie release, Star Trek Into Darkness, to talk about. That podcast will come out tomorrow, so look forward to it, and follow me on Twitter (@JonathanLack) for updates on our upcoming podcasting schedule, just in case we have to make any other changes this week.


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