WGTC Radio #50 – Discussing Matt Smith’s Doctor Who Departure

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Before learning of Matt Smith’s plans to leave Doctor Who at the end of this year, Sean and I were struggling to figure out what on earth we might talk about for this week’s podcast, given how little is happening right now in the world of niche entertainment. But the announcement of a Doctor departure – especially one as great as Smith – is more than enough to build a podcast around, and so we have. On this episode, we talk all about Matt Smith’s impending departure from the series, how it will affect the show moving forward, our theories about the incoming Twelfth Doctor era, and more.

And before signing off, we also briefly touch upon the recent trailer for Sonic: Lost World, the new videogame in the creatively troubled franchise, explaining how this silly, colorful preview gives us pause after Sonic Generations gave us so much hope back in 2011.

Also, we will begin our re-watch of various classic Doctor Who episodes at the end of next week’s show, so before the next podcast, make sure to watch the original 1963 pilot, “An Unearthly Child,” and the 1964 serial “The Aztecs.” We will be doing these every other week or so, moving through various significant stories for each of the classic Doctors leading up to this November’s 50th anniversary special. For the sake of convenience, “The Aztecs” is available on Netflix and other streaming services, so you have no excuse not to watch!


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