WGTC Radio #59 – Talking 12th Doctor News, The Wolverine, & Bioshock Infinite DLC

Peter Capaldi, bookies' favourite to be named the 12th Doctor

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Sorry for missing out on last week, listeners – that absence is all on me and a particularly busy schedule – but fear not! We are back, and just in time to discuss the casting of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor on a show we may or may not have discussed before, Doctor Who. Yes, if you had not heard, the identity of the 12th actor (or, more accurately, 13th, as two actors have played the 1st Doctor) to play the iconic role was revealed less than a day ago, and as die-hard Doctor Who fans, we are here to share our thoughts. While there obviously is not a lot to go on yet, this announcement makes us very happy, because the great Peter Capaldi is sure to change up this show in new and different ways.

In addition to the big announcement, we talk a little about the new DLC for Bioshock Infinite, “Clash in the Clouds,” before moving on to our full review of James Mangold’s The Wolverine. You know the drill: We have seen the movie, you have probably seen the movie, so we spoil the hell out of it. Listen at your own risk. The review is the last topic on the show, so feel free to stop listening once we start if you have yet to see the movie.

Enjoy the show!

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