What happened to Dr Brenda on Dr Pol?

Every child at some point wants to be a veterinarian when they grow up. It sounds so idyllic spending the day with animal friends making them feel better. The reality of the hard work and gross procedures cause many to turn away from this childhood dream. Thankfully there are reality shows such as The Incredible Dr. Pol which allows viewers to live out this fantasy without all the blood, guts, vomit, and fecal matter.

Dr. Pol Trailer

The Incredible Dr. Pol follows veterinarian Jan Pol, his family, and staff as they work hard to keep the animals of Weidman, Michigan healthy. This National Geographic Wild show has been running for 20 seasons and is available on live television or to stream on Disney+. Audiences have fallen in love with all of the staff including Dr. Brenda but she was noticeably absent from season 18. This caused many fans to be confused and start to speculate that she was no longer working with Dr. Pol. To get to the bottom of this puzzle let’s first examine how Dr. Brenda started working at Pol Veterinary Services to begin with.

Who is Dr. Brenda?

Dr. Brenda Grettenberger is a Michigan native born in 1967 in Eaton Rapids. She knew from a young age growing up on a dairy farm that she wanted to work with large animals. She attended Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduation she replied to a help wanted ad in the AVMA journal and the rest is history. She started working at Pol Veterinary Services in 1992. She has been happily working alongside Dr. Pol ever since.

A Chat with Dr. Brenda

Who is Dr. Pol?

Dr. Jan Pol was born in Wateren, Netherlands. At age 12 he helped deliver a litter of piglets on his family’s farm and at that moment he knew he wanted to be a veterinarian. He studied abroad in the United States during high school in Mayville, Michigan. He would start a friendship with a beautiful girl Diane who would end up later becoming his wife. He studied at Utrecht University Veterinary and upon graduation moved to the United States to pursue his career in veterinary medicine. After working for another vet for a time, Dr. Pol decided it was time to strike out on his own. He established Pol Veterinary Services in 1981. Ten years later Dr. Brenda would join the team but where is she now?

Where is Dr. Brenda?

Dr. Pol’s son Charles addressed this question head on in a Facebook Live event. He stated: “We’ve seen a lot of rumors here on the Dr. Pol Facebook page, that Dr. Brenda is perhaps leaving the practice or has left the practice. I just want to dissuade all those rumors. Dr. Brenda has not left the practice.” Fans can breathe a sigh of relief. This leads to the natural follow up question: Where has she been? 

Charles also addressed this. He stated there was no deep conspiracy theory or drama behind her absence. It was simply scheduling and life. He stated: “She had some things that she was doing a year ago. So you might not see her as much in one of the past seasons and I think people were getting nervous about that. But that was because of, you know, busy life and she was kind of running around. They weren’t able to get as much filming with her. But she’s still here. So don’t worry about that. Brenda will be here, is still here, and we’re very thankful to have her. She’s great, she’s been a part of the Dr. Pol family for like over 30 years. I can’t imagine Pol Veterinary without Brenda.”

Audiences agree with Charles and can rest easy knowing she will continue to help them live out their veterinary dreams from safely behind a screen without all the nasty smells.