‘What If…?’ actor Djimon Hounsou says he would return for season 2

marvel's what if ... ?

The Disney Plus animated series What If…? has proven to be a great avenue for some of the more minor Marvel Cinematic Universe characters to get the spotlight once again, with its premise of presenting slightly remixed versions of the stories from the movies we’re familiar with.

In the first season of the show, for instance, the second episode is entitled ‘What If… T’Challa Became a Star-Lord?‘ and features Guardians of the Galaxy actor Djimon Hounsou returning as Korath the Pursuer. The episode also featured the late Chadwick Boseman returning as T’Challa, in what is sadly likely his last performance as the character, only this time he is the one picked up by the Ravagers and becomes the space-faring Star-Lord.

what if finale

The return of the Korath character, who this time becomes an ally to Star-Lord, was a welcome one for many fans since he was a fairly memorable character in Guardians that unfortunately ended up being killed off.

We’re now getting the insight that should Hounsou be invited back for a What If…? season two, he would be delighted to return.

“He’s a machine that you can’t terminate. You may unplug him, but you can’t really turn him off,” Hounsou said of his Marvel character in an interview with Murphy’s Multiverse. “Of course, if I was called back to play Korath. Yes, of course. It would be nice. I think that series was quite successful, no?”

Though a season two of What If…? has been officially announced by Marvel, a release date is still pending.