What If…? Episode 3 Posters Confirm Nick Fury And Black Widow Story

Marvel What If
Image via Marvel

Disney Plus never previews individual episodes of its original series, which usually isn’t a problem, as we have some idea of what’s about to happen based on the events of the last week’s episode. But in the case of Marvel’s animated anthology show What If…?, we have literally no clue what to expect as the whole set-up changes each time. Thankfully, a couple of new posters for this Wednesday’s episode 3 confirm the two characters who will take center stage.

The posters showcase an animated Nick Fury and Black Widow, so whatever the multiversal twist of the show’s third episode, it will likely concern S.H.I.E.L.D.’s director and its finest agent. There are several things we can work out about episode 3 from these posters. For one, it won’t offer wildly alternate versions of these characters as they both look very typical. What’s more, Natasha’s hairstyle seems most reminiscent of her appearance in Iron Man 2, so we’re returning to Phase 1 for this What If…? story.

By now, we’ve gotten used to the fact that the series features a combination of MCU A-listers and fresh voice actors brought in to fill in the roles of those stars who couldn’t contribute for whatever reason. In this case, Samuel L. Jackson will return as Fury, following his brief cameo in episode 1. However, don’t expect to hear Scarlett Johansson’s voice. Instead, Lake Bell—who voices Poison Ivy in HBO Max’s hit Harley Quinn series—will be taking over as Agent Romanoff.

Following Captain Carter and T’Challa’s Star-Lord, other episode premises we already know about include Iron Man teaming up with Killmonger and a Marvel Zombies-themed episode. The trailers have also showcased a Spider-Man Sorcerer Supreme, an evil Strange, and a triumphant Ultron. There’s not long to go until we discover what exactly the premise of episode 3 is. But for now, let us ponder the question… What if?

What If…? continues on Disney Plus this Wednesday.