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What Is Annie Murphy’s Net Worth?

How much is the Schitt’s Creek actress worth?

Schitt’s Creek made history in 2020 when it swept the Emmy Awards and nabbed Best Comedy in addition to all four acting categories—the first television show ever to do so. The comedy was favored to win at least a few awards following its successful six-season run, but all of them? No one was ready for that, not even the show’s leads. One of the most surprising reactions of the night came from Annie Murphy, who played Alexis Rose on the show and appeared in every single one of its 80 episodes alongside Dan Levy, Eugene Levy, and Catherine O’Hara.

In many ways, Murphy had the hardest job in the entire cast: trying to prove herself as the daughter of two of the most established comedic actors in the entertainment industry, not to mention Dan, one of the show’s co-writers who would also be playing her brother. Even though she had more acting experience than Dan, who hardly had any acting credits under his belt when he and his dad began writing Schitt’s, Murphy was relatively unknown when the show first aired in 2015.

She had previously appeared in Picture This with Ashley Tisdale and a handful of other small films before landing spots on Rookie Blue, Beauty and the Beast, and Flashpoint. Her last role before being cast as Alexis was in the comedy The Plateaus, which follows a struggling band as it tries to become a musical success and fails miserably. Murphy co-wrote and starred in the show along with fellow castmates Kyle Gatehouse and Matthew Raudsepp.

When she made her debut in Schitt’s, it was instantly clear why she’d been cast. Her performance as the privileged and hilarious Alexis was pitch-perfect and she was more than able to hold her own opposite her much more experienced costars. Her relationship with Levy was more believable than it might have been had a better-known actress been cast in the part, and despite Levy’s status as co-writer of the show, his own fresh face in television gave the two an even footing as siblings. Levy’s real-life sister, Sarah, was cast in a recurring role as the local diner waitress, Twyla.

Murphy is now an Emmy-winning, Golden Globe-nominated actress who will likely be imitated by the show’s legion of fans for years to come. As hard as it might be for her to top her lauded performance, an actress of her caliber is no doubt up to the task.

What Is Annie Murphy’s Net Worth?

After six seasons of saying her famous one-word catchphrase ⏤ ”David!” — Murphy walked away from Schitt’s Creek with a net worth of $4 million. She’s a ways behind her on-screen brother, who is worth $14 million, and both of them trail Dan’s dad Eugene, who is worth $20 million. Catherine O’Hara, whose fan-favorite performance as Moira Rose will stand the test of time, is worth $10 million.

Murphy’s subsequent casting in the shows Russian Doll and Kevin Can Go F*ck Himself proves that she has no plans of slowing her acting role anytime soon, and we’ll never stop hoping that all four of Schitt’s Creek leads will reunite one day, even if just to present an Emmy Award to the next best comedy in town.

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