What Is Cody Rigsby’s Net Worth?

The Pelaton company has been around since 2012 but only became a household name in recent years. A series of commercials for the company’s expensive exercise bikes overtook the nation’s televisions in 2019 and were playfully mocked for seemingly targeting only the wealthiest, and fittest, among us. This helped the company enter the mainstream, and in recent years they’ve seen their exercise products fly off the shelves.

A typical Pelaton membership comes included with digital classes taught by virtual instructors. These instructors have exploded in popularity in recent years, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and hordes of daily users have since become familiar with individual instructors’ training styles, techniques, and personalities. 

One Pelaton instructor has reached a level of recognition beyond that of his peers, thanks in large part to his recent participation in season 30 of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. Cody Rigsby is the first Pelaton instructor to compete in the popular show and his involvement has seen his fanbase grow immensely over the last several months. His background as a professional dancer has certainly helped him along in the show, in which he dances alongside Dancing With The Stars staple Cheryl Burke.

Between his ongoing gig on the popular ABC series and his work with Pelaton, Rigsby’s career is flourishing. He has transformed his Pelaton user base into a strong social media following, collecting more than 965,000 Instagram followers and nearly 4,000 Twitter followers. He maintains his status as one of Pelaton’s most beloved trainers with numerous devoted fans and a recognizable name even to people unfamiliar with Pelaton’s offerings.

Rigsby’s recent surge in popularity has prompted questions about the former dancer’s income and net worth. For a typical class, Peloton instructors earn between $500 and $750, according to Net Worth Spot. Based on his immense popularity, it’s safe to assume that Rigsby’s take-home comes closer to the higher end of the range than the lower. Assuming that he teaches between 10 and 15 classes a week, which is standard for Pelaton instructors, his yearly take-home clocks in around $585,000. 

If Rigsby’s income lands solidly in the highest camp, then he teaches 15 classes a week at $750 per class. That would put his monthy income around $45,000, which would push his annual earnings up substantially to an estimated $730,000. Even without considering his take-home from Dancing With The Stars or any income he might make through sponsors and partnerships on his popular social media pages, this income puts Rigsby’s net worth at $3.65 million. Adding in his other sources of income, of which there are almost certainly at least a few, his net worth increases to around $5.84 million.