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What Is Ethan Klein’s Net Worth?

Youtuber-turned-podcaster Ethan Klein is crushing it online.

Ethan Klein
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Ethan Klein is one of the best known content creators on YouTube. Even those who don’t immediately connect his name with popular YouTube channel h3h3Productions have probably seen at least a clip or two from the prominent page. Over the years, Klein and his wife, Hila, have built up a passionate fanbase who stick around despite the increasingly rare uploads to their page.

That’s not to say that the Klein’s aren’t getting plenty of work. The duo’s main YouTube page hasn’t seen a new upload in more than a year, but that’s because the Klein’s are focusing their energy elsewhere. After launching the “H3 podcast” in 2017, Klein and his wife realized that they had a passion for their new venture. In 2019, they announced that the show would become their primary creative focus. This was the right decision, it seems. In early 2021, their production had the 14th largest audience of any podcast, according to Media Monitors.

Despite the lack of recent uploads, the Kleins’ original YouTube page still boasts an enviable number of followers. The popular channel has more than 6.3 million subscribers, and the videos on the page have earned more than 1.5 billion views. Uploads typically see the Klein’s participating in reaction videos, in which they disseminate online news, typically connected to YouTube, with humorous commentary. The duo has gone viral several times thanks to their timely uploads, taking on everything from old TLC show “I Catfished My Kid” to the controversies surrounding creators Rice Gum and Jake Paul.

But how much does Ethan Klein make from his YouTube and podcast ventures? Here’s what we know.

Calculating Ethan Klein’s net worth

Ethan and Hila Klein

Ethan and Hila Klein’s numerous subscribers and loyal fanbase earn them a solid yearly income from YouTube ad revenue. They also have three partner channels—”H3 Podcast,” “H3 Podcast Highlights,” and “Ethan and Hila.” These three pages, between themselves, have a collective subscriber count around 6.4 million. This puts the couple’s total YouTube followers at nearly 13 million. 

Their many ventures have paid off, providing Ethan with an estimated net worth of $20 million, combined with his wife. According to Exact Net Worth, the couple also makes an income off their real estate properties. Their largest property is in California, according to the site, and cost the couple $9 million. 

Despite their mostly inactive main YouTube page, the Klein’s are still going strong on the site. Their podcast gets new uploads every other day, many of which earn view counts in the lower millions. Between their increasingly popular podcast and spin-offs, there is plenty to keep this Israeli-American duo rising through YouTube’s ranks for years to come.

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