What Is Kel Mitchell’s Net Worth?

Remember when Nickelodeon used to compete for late-night viewership and tried to appeal to the teen demographic with sketch comedy shows like All That? Back then, the show was similar to NBC’S Saturday Night Live and, like its predecessor, spawned the solo careers of many aspiring actors and comedians including two of its most famous alumni, Nick Cannon and Kenan Thompson. Of course, as you already know, Cannon would move on to movies and eventually create another comedy hit show, MTV’S Wild ‘N Out. At the same time, Thompson would become a series regular on SNL. Another young comedian showed much promise as well, but unfortunately, Kel Mitchell did not achieve the same amount of success as his costars.

If his name isn’t familiar, it’s probably because you haven’t heard it in a while. Regardless, Mitchell has been working in Hollywood since the mid-90s and has built up a reasonable resume as a result. Born August 25th, 1978, Mitchell actually started his acting career in 1994 on Nickelodeon’s All That alongside buddy Thompson at the age of 15. The duo became famous for their Good Burger sketches and eventually became so popular that they got their own show, Kenan & Kel, in 1996 before starring in their own film, 1997’s Good Burger.

Like Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, the two made a fierce comedy duo, making guest appearances in numerous popular ’90s shows including Sister Sister, The Steve Harvey Show, Cousin Skeeter, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. 

After All That ended in 1999 and Kenan & Kel came to close in 2000, Mitchell finally stepped away from his longtime partner to spread his wings and fly on his own. His first solo gig came in 1999 after he landed the role of Invisible Boy in Ben Stiller’s superhero comedy Mystery Men. However, the film bombed at the box office, and Mitchell’s road to big-screen stardom was cut short.

He moved on to voice acting for children’s shows like Clifford the Big Red Dog and Disney XD’s Motorcity. He even auditioned for a spot on SNL but lost out to none other than his friend and former partner, Thompson. 

From there, Mitchell made appearances in various shows and films including BET’s Take the Cake and Like Mike 2: Streetball. For most of his career, Mitchell has made a reputable name for himself, landing small jobs in the TV world. He’s appeared in G4’s Attack of The Show, PBS’s Curious George, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and Dancing With the Stars. He’s also returned to Nickelodeon as both an alumnus and mentor to the network’s new generation of stars. So far, he’s had a recurring role on Game Shakers (2015-2019) and is now an executive producer (along with Thompson) on the new season of Nickelodeon’s All That, which aired in 2019.

What Is Kel Mitchell’s Net Worth?

Mitchell has definitely put in his fair share of work over the years. Unfortunately, the roles he’s taken so far haven’t paid all that much, so even though he’s an executive producer now, his bank account is not necessarily overflowing.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mitchell is worth $3 million, a far cry from his buddy Thompson’s $13 million fortune but a number that’s likely to grow now that Mitchell is an executive producer. Both him and Thompson net an average salary of at least $100,00 per year, and if the revival of All That continues to do well, Mitchell may luck out and get a couple of pay increases. It may take him a while, and the possibility exists that he won’t catch up to Thompson’s level of success in the industry, but at the very least Mitchell may still be able to forge his own path and make a killing in the process.