What is ‘Riverdale’ rated?

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The CW’s Riverdale series has been airing since 2017 and is now in its 7th and final season. This series is pretty intense – from its murder mysteries, cults, alternate universes, superpowers, and everything in between, and can be pretty difficult to explain to a newcomer who is undecided on whether or not they want to watch it.

With the seventh season wrapping up in a few weeks, there might be those who would like to take this opportunity to catch up or watch this show for the first time. But is this CW series appropriate for a younger audience, considering the themes and stories that each season explores?

What is ‘Riverdale’ rated?

Riverdale is a series based on the Archie comics. Interestingly, these comics appeared once in the show. The current season of Riverdale has our characters back in time when they were all teenagers. The show is pretty dark with strong mature themes and scenes that may not be appropriate for children.

Per to the show’s IMDB page, Riverdale is rated TV-14 due to sex, nudity, violence, gore, profanity, alcohol, drugs, smoking, and frightening scenes. In short, not one for impressionable children. As such, the series is appropriate for those over the age of 14 and above. Viewers commented about the series and claimed that it’s a teen drama with too many ridiculous moments. And this makes sense when the current season involves time travel. Meanwhile, season six talks about alternative universes and how “imagination” can save the universes.

Riverdale is a pretty dark teen drama, a genre that was pretty popular before the 2020’s. The first few seasons received high ratings from critics. Unfortunately, the ratings declined by season four, and season six received an average rating of 67 percent. Season seven of Riverdale is now available to stream on Netflix with the season finale released on June 21, 2023. New episodes are released every Wednesday at 8 PM C.T. on The CW.

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