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What is the New Idol Cage Rumored for ‘Survivor’ 44?

The new twist will require stealth and subterfuge.

There’s no way to guarantee what curve balls Survivor will be hurling at its contestants for the series’ 44th season, which recently wrapped filming in Fiji, but one new twist has been revealed that will certainly keep the contestants on their toes.

Survivor 44 will introduce a series of immunity idols hidden throughout the game in so-called “idol cages.” Each tribe will now possess a locked idol cage and a note which reveals how to find the key to unlock it. Anyone in the tribe can attempt to obtain the idol but they must not get caught doing so. As the cages are displayed in plain sight, contestants will have to use skill, stealth, and subterfuge in order to obtain the coveted idol and the immunity it conveys.

If that sounds too simple, don’t worry: there’s yet another twist involved. Tribe members will find not one, but two idols in the cage. One is the real deal and the other is a fake. The first to manage to get into the cage without alerting their fellow tribe members must then leave behind the fake idol and leave no trace that indicates they are in possession of the actual idol that grants true immunity.

So far, it isn’t known what will happen if or when a contestant attempts to use a “fake” idol, Results could be as simple as the player not receiving immunity but they could also suffer other repercussions as well. Season 44 will continue the three-tribe format so viewers have several chances to see if contestants avoid the pitfall or suffer the consequences.

Survivor 44 is expected to debut in February of next year on Wednesday nights through March.

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