What other shows has Milly Alcock from ‘House of the Dragon’ been in?

Milly Alcock in House of the Dragon
Image via Warner Bros.

House of the Dragon has shown that, despite the lackluster response to the original Game Of Thrones endingpeople are still keen to dive back into Westeros. The show has been drawing massive audiences and getting many positive reviews for its visuals and storyline. 

Several of the show’s actors are getting singled out for praise due to their emotional and memorable performances. One such actor is Milly Alcock, who plays a young Rhaenyra Targaryen. 

But where else have you seen this promising actress? 

What is House of The Dragon about?

A prequel to Game Of Thrones, House of the Dragon follows the ups and downs of the Targaryen family as their war of succession begins, triggering an event called the Dance of Dragons. This event would change the destiny of many of the Targaryens involved, while also shaping the noble house’s future, and it puts into motion many of the occurrences viewers saw during Game Of Thrones. 

Where else have you seen Milly Alcock? 

Milly Alcock made her debut in 2017’s television drama Janet King, where she played Cindi Jackson. Later that same year, she appeared in High Life, playing the role of Isabella Barret.

Over the next few years, she would appear in several other dramas, mainly in Australia. This included playing Emma Carvolth in A Place to Call Home, Maya Nordenfelt in Fighting Season, and Marissa Campbell in Pine Gap. In 2019, she would appear in Les Norton, taking on the role of Sian Galese. 

Alcock garnered a lot of attention when she took the role of Meg in 2019’s short comedy-drama series Uptight, which followed two outcasts who tried to move a piano across the country. This role got her nominated for the Best Comedy Performer award at 2020’s AACTA Awards. 

Then in 2020, she appeared in the supernatural drama The Gloaming. In this show, she played Jenny McGinty, and she also played Sam Serrato in Reckoning the same year — showing that she is quickly going from strength to strength.