What time does ‘Halo’ start on Paramount Plus?

Master Chief
Image via Paramount Plus

The upcoming adaptation of Bungie and 343 Industry’s Halo video game series is headed to screens in only a few days, amping up excitement amongst hopeful fans.

The series is set to stream exclusively on Paramount Plus, releasing its first and second episodes in tandem on March 24. From there, subsequent episodes will release every Thursday through the series’ ninth episode on May 12. The show is set to follow the video game series’ stalwart protagonist, Master Chief — played by Pablo Schreiber of 13 Hours and Orange is the New Black fame — alongside Artificial Intelligence Cortana. Cortana’s original voice actress, Jen Taylor, will return to the role she’s held for decades in Paramount Plus’ Halo series.

The first two Halo episodes are set to drop at 3am ET on March 24, according to Cheat Sheet. For viewers on the west coast, this translates to 12am (PT) and for central viewers the episodes will become available at 2am.

Later episodes will release one at a time, but will retain their 3am ET drop time.

A second Halo season is already underway after getting the green light back in February, but its official release date has yet to be announced. Armed with knowledge of a second season, fans can enjoy each of the show’s first nine episodes with ease.