Wil Wheaton Wants To Reunite With Patrick Stewart On Star Trek: Picard

Wesley Crusher

Wil Wheaton has made it known that he’d love to return as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: PicardThe first season of Sir Patrick Stewart’s big comeback as Jean-Luc featured a few familiar faces from 90s Trek, with the door left open for more The Next Generation stars to turn up in future outings. It doesn’t sound like a return for Wheaton is on the cards right now, but he’d certainly be up for it.

Wheaton – who hosts Trek aftershow The Ready Room – told TrekMovie.com that he’d jump at the chance to act opposite Stewart again for the first time since 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis, saying:

“If they were interested in me, I would do absolutely everything I could to get to “yes.” If I got to work with Patrick again and if I had the privilege of performing in a scene with him again, it would be such a gift and such a blessing. That would be an amazing, amazing experience that I would absolutely love to happen.”

The actor has also said that he’d like to play Wesley again in the Lower Decks animated series, which is set one year after the events of Nemesis. A return on either show would help clarify exactly what happened to the character, too, as in TNG season 7, he left Starfleet to travel other planes of existence with The Traveler. However, a Nemesis deleted scene had him about to serve with Riker on the U.S.S. Titan. This is generally considered to be non-canon as it was omitted, but a return for Wesley could provide a definitive answer.

While Wheaton is keeping his fingers crossed, we may know at least a couple of TNG stars who will be appearing in Picard season 2. Stewart asked Whoopi Goldberg to return as Guinan on live TV, which she tearily agreed to, while LeVar Burton has confirmed he’s had talks to come back as Geordi La Forge as well. Meanwhile, more of Jonathan Frakes as Riker and Marina Sirtis as Troi seems a safe bet, too.

The last we heard, Star Trek: Picard season 2 was due to start shooting this fall. Meanwhile, Lower Decks continues weekly on CBS All Access, until Discovery season 3 premieres on October 15th.