Where are the Cheetah Girls now?

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When Disney Channel brought The Cheetah Girls to television screens everywhere, the girl group and movie franchise instantly became a huge success. The first movie premiered in 2003, landing in the musical and family film genres. The franchise is focused on a group of teenage girls holding onto their dreams of musical fame. Navigating typical ups and downs in high school impacts them heavily on their journey to the top. The second Cheetah Girls movie came a few years later, in 2006. The sequel picked up where the first film left off.

The four besties continued on their mission to achieve their dreams of becoming a successful girl group by traveling to Barcelona to partake in a foreign music festival. The third and final movie of the franchise was The Cheetah Girls: One World. It showcased three members of the Cheetah Girls group traveling to India to participate in a Bollywood musical. Things get a little messy for the girls when they discover that the director can only choose one of them to star in the coveted role. Raven-Symone is the actress who played Galleria, Adrian Bailon played Chanel, Sabrina Bryan played Dorinda, and Kiely Williams played Aqua. Here’s what the original Cheetah Girls are up to now.

Raven-Symoné played Galleria in the first two Cheetah Girls movies

Life for Symone has been quite busy since her time with the Cheetah Girls came to an end. She landed the leading role in a spinoff to her Disney Channel show That’s So Raven, which ran from 2003 and 2007. The spinoff is called Raven’s Home, and it premiered in 2017. In Raven’s Home, she plays the role of a divorced mother raising two kids of her own. She’s still actively seeing visions of the future and using her psychic abilities to be the best mother possible. She also uses her visions to succeed in the fashion industry as a designer, and to cultivate strong friendships with the people she loves the most.

An interesting twist in this show is that she finds out her son has inherited psychic abilities from her. He begins using his powers to make sense of middle school. Symone became one of the familiar faces on the popular talk show The View, but announced that she was parting ways with the show in 2020. According to Essence, her choice to leave the show couldn’t have come along faster. She made a series of inappropriate comments alienating the African-American community during her time hosting. Symone ended up apologizing for the comments, but it was still probably in her best interest to part ways with the talk show.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Symone‘s current net worth stands at $40 million. She got started in the Hollywood industry as a child actor on The Cosby Show, way before her time with the Cheetah Girls. In other words, she’s been in the industry for a long time. Since she’s been in the industry for so long, it makes so much sense that she’s built up such an impressive net worth. In 2020, Symone tied the knot with her wife Miranda Maday. Maday is a social media manager who’s shown up in plenty of Symone’s YouTube and TikTok videos over the course of their relationship.

Adrienne Bailon played Chanel in all three Cheetah Girls movies

After finishing up her time playing Chanel in the beloved Cheetah Girls film franchise, Bailon has continued living a busy and fulfilling life. She’s been one of the well-received hosts of a talk show called The Real that premiered in 2013. The Real is a daytime talk show that allows a panel of outspoken women to speak about their personal life experiences in terms of getting married, being single, motherhood, their careers, trending pop culture topics, and so much more. Since each host on the show has such a unique perspective, their conversations usually flow in the most interesting ways.

I Can See Your Voice is a reality game show Bailon is part of, alongside a rotating panel of other celebrity “detectives,” who give their best to guess as to which musical superstars are lip-synching and which ones are actually performing live. Bailon has been married to her husband Israel Houghton since 2016. One of her most noteworthy public relationships was with Rob Kardashian from 2007 to 2009. However, she ended things amid reports that he cheated on her.

Her marriage with Houghton seems to be a lot healthier and more stable. According to The List, rumors about her possibly helping him cheat on his first wife made their rounds since they were spotted together before his first divorce was finalized. Bailon and Houghton have both made it very clear that they didn’t start their relationship until they were both single adults. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bailon currently has a net worth of $4 million. It’s also important to keep in mind that the Cheetah Girls isn’t the only girl group she was part of. She was also once part of 3LW, another girl group that released pop music in the early 2000s.

Kiely Williams played Aqua in all three Cheetah Girls movies

The Cheetah Girls movie franchise was huge for Williams’ career. Since then, there haven’t necessarily been any major movies she’s acted in. She did land a part in a reality show called BET Presents: The Encore which premiered in 2021. The reality show serves as somewhat of a musical experiment that pulls nine individual music artists together to form one supergroup filled with R&B talent. On Instagram, Williams has over 189,000 followers keeping up with her, even though she only has a small handful of visible posts on her feed.

She uses her social media profile to advertise music from the music group that was created on the reality TV show. The group is called BluPrint and their music is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, the iTunes Store, and Amazon music. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Williams currently has a net worth of $1.5 million from her time on Disney Channel, and beyond. In 2016, she tied the knot with her husband, Brandon Cox. They welcomed their one and only daughter, Summer Bailey Cox, in 2018. She seems to be doing really well with her happy family these days.

Sabrina Bryan played Dorinda in all three Cheetah Girl movies

Sabrina Bryan proved her dancing skills in all three Cheetah Girls movies. She did so to the point that it only made sense for her to land the leading role in another intriguing dance movie, Deadly Dance, in 2016. The haunting film is about the owner of a dance studio getting tragically murdered with no answers in sight.

Bryan plays the role of the grieving sister left behind to pick up the pieces after the murder takes place. Since 2018, Brian has been married to her husband Jordan Lundberg. He works as an account manager and according to Your Tango, Bryan and Lundburg hit it off right away. They met at a wedding, and the rest was history. In 2020, Bryan and Lunberg welcomed a daughter into the world as well. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she currently has a net worth of $2 million.

She built up her net worth from more than just her time with the Cheetah Girls. She’s also an author, fashion designer, choreographer, and television personality. A huge chunk of her fan base obviously comes from the fact that she was a Disney Channel starlet in The Cheetah Girls film franchise, but there’s a lot more to her career than just that since she’s such a talented singer, dancer, and actress. According to People, Bryan revealed in 2020 that she was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, which is a condition that causes temporary paralysis in the face. It was very brave of her to come forward and be honest about her health condition, and everything she was going through at the time.

Will there be a Cheetah Girls reunion?

From William‘s perspective, there is definitely a possibility for the Cheetah Girls to get back together for a reunion. She told Entertainment Tonight, “Cheetah Girls is probably the avenue that [would lead to a reunion] just because regardless of past history, everyone is so professional. There is a healthy amount of ego there, but I really think that we all approach that she goes from a really professional standpoint.”

Symone told Entertainment Tonight in a separate interview, “I need to talk to the girls first, because we need to carry an answer. This could go sideways on so many levels. The message of The Cheetah Girl movement is the most beautiful thing I think I’ve ever been part of…” It seems like it’s totally possible for the women to reunite at some point in the future.

The Cheetah Girls movies are so inspirational, heartfelt, and enjoyable. They have given us so many catchy songs and so much eye-catching choreography. Kids and adults of every generation are able to look back on the movies with admiration and excitement. The women of the Cheetah Girls are all busy these days, but it would be awesome to see them join together for a reunion special.

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