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Where is ‘Bob’s Burgers’ located and why is the answer more complicated than expected?

Heading to the theater to see 'The Bob’s Burgers Movie'? Refresh your memory on the show’s locale.

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As of May 27, the highly anticipated The Bob’s Burgers Movie has hit theaters. But before you rush off to see it, you might want to refresh your memory on the Bob’s Burgers television show’s synopsis and where it takes place. Read on for just that.

Let’s recap the Bob’s Burgers plot for all the burger-lovers. Bob’s Burgers is an animated television sitcom created by Loren Bouchard. Bob Belcher runs a burger restaurant with his family, including his wife, Linda, and three kids: Tina, a teenage girl obsessed with zombies, teenage boys, and teenage boy zombies; Gene, the virtuoso middle child whose favorite hobbies include cheese and irritating the people around him; and Louise, the tiny evil genius whose shenanigans often get the Belchers into trouble.

They’re a family that tends always to fall just short of success, but that’s okay because they always land together. Each cheerful episode solidifies their love for each other, even if the road is tedious.

The family resides in a green two-story building on Ocean Ave., their apartment being on the second floor and their restaurant being on the first. The idyllic community that the Belchers reside in is informally known as “Seymour Bay” among the show’s writing staff. Some people believe it to be in San Francisco due to the undisclosed town’s Victorian architecture that resembles the city.

However, Bouchard, the show’s creator, has denied this and has said it’s set firmly in the Northeast. Bouchard maintains that “because it’s this seaside, past-its-prime, dusty old town, we kind of felt like that puts it pretty close to those Coney Island, New York-New Jersey shore parts. (…) But basically, I picture it somewhere in the outer boroughs or on the northern Jersey shore.” Additionally, based on the content the writers produce, such as some of the characters’ accents and the Jersey Shore references, it is hinted that the town is located in New Jersey.

So, there you have it, folks. While it does not have a name outside of the informal “Seymour Bay,” we can assume that the town is located in New Jersey, possibly in the north, based on what theories you subscribe to. But one thing’s for sure, no matter where the show is located, it deserves a watch. While The Bob’s Burgers Movie’s caliber is yet to be determined, all Bob’s Burgers fans are holding out for an enjoyable comedy, hopefully served with a burger and fries.

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