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Where is ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ filmed?

They film 'Bachelor in Paradise' in a beautiful locale south of Texas.

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While The Bachelor and The Bachelorette exist to find one woman or man a marriage partner, Bachelor in Paradise is a whole different type of ballgame. Created in 2014 after ABC cancelled the previous spinoff attempt, Bachelor Pad, Bachelor in Paradise features contestants from both original shows.

It’s a reality competition, and it’s widely considered by many to be the best in The Bachelor family of shows. It works like this: there’s an uneven number of men and women from previous shows. Every week there’s a rose ceremony where both the men or women give out roses to people they feel like they have a strong connection with on the island.

If a contestant does not receive a rose, they are sent packing. Every week it switches genders between those giving out roses and those receiving them. New contestants from previous seasons show up to keep the numbers uneven and ensure some people get eliminated, as they can choose to either stay where they are or pursue someone new.

Finally, the contestants are given date cards randomly, and they can pick contestants they’d like to spend time with, which also brings in new players. Once the show reaches the end of the season, contestants get offered the chance to go on an overnight date in private. From there, they can decide whether they want to get engaged or break up.

A lot of people like this show better than the stodgy originals because it’s a more loose, features more random sex and sexy outfits, and has the wildest personalities from the annals of the show. The show is called “in paradise” because it’s filmed in a very exotic locale somewhere tropical outside the United States. So where is it filmed?

I’ve got two tickets to paradise

The paradise that everyone’s referring to on the show is in Mexico. More specifically, the show is filmed at the Playa Escondida resort. It’s located right outside of the beach town of Sayulita in the Puerto Vallarta area. The resort has become a cast member all unto itself, becoming just as recognizable as the contestants.

Ever since the show started filming there, the exotic locale has become quite the hotspot, according to Peer Space. People can rent one of the 25 huts for about $400 night, which have either jungle or beach views, and some are more secluded than others.

The new season of Bachelor in Paradise premieres on Sept. 27.

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