Which couple did each person vote for on ‘Too Hot to Handle?’

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The end of season four of Too Hot To Handle saw Nick and Jawahir win the prize fund in what was clearly a landslide, taking it home six votes to one. However, unlike in previous seasons of the show, the other contestants did not disclose who they voted for.

It is part of the show to look into who voted for who and why they would have voted for them, after all, drama is why we watch the show. Here is what viewers might guess as to how the votes went.


Nigel is one of the more complicated people to think about votes. At one point he made it clear that he wanted Kayla all for himself. Unfortunately for him, he was not able to win Kayla over. He did seem to be very mature about the situation as a whole as the season went on. He could have easily voted for Kayla based on the fact that the two did hit it off and he was friendly with Seb also during some scenes.

Nigel also could have voted for Nick and Jawahir. The fact that Nigel never had any romantic interest or fling with Jawahir makes it easy for him to not feel like he is stepping on toes or getting in the way. Nigel clearly had grown a lot throughout the show, which makes it seem like he would resonate with Jawahir the most.

Likely vote: Jawahir and Nick


Unlike Nigel, fans know where Shawn was at with his pick, more than likely. Although he did take Kayla out for a date when he first got to the island, he made it clear how much he felt he connected with Jawahir. During the time that he and Jawahir spent together, fans could tell he was falling for her.

Fans felt bad for Shawn, as he came across as a genuine guy, and clearly walked the walk of wanting the best for Jawahir. He constantly talked about how he just wanted her to be happy, regardless of the fact that she did not pick him. He also made it very easy to root for his actions after being rejected by Jawahir.

Likely vote: Jawahir and Nick.


One of the girls who was very close to Kayla had a very hard vote on her hands. Kayla and Dominique were routinely together and talking to each other. They were both led on by Nigel at the start of the show, which might have helped cultivate a close friendship. Dominique might have felt for Kayla during the show, and wanted to see her win when it came down to her and Seb.

Although the two did not have a lot of on-screen time together, that certainly does not mean that Jawahir and Dominique were not close. One of the more telling parts about why Dominique would vote for Jawahir was during the workshop. Dominique talked about how she would have hated to see Jawahir throw away what looked like a great thing with Nick and go back to her old habits. The fact that Jawahir went with Nick showed Dominique’s true growth.

Likely vote: Jawahir and Nick


The other last person to join the show is maybe the hardest one to read of all. She did not have any real screen time with any of the four finalists. She was more focussed on her own love triangle of her, Flavia, and Creed, which took up the bulk of her time on the island.

That being said, her witnessing the up-and-down relationship between Nick and Jawahir was probably not the best look to get her vote. She saw a steady relationship between Seb and Kayla flourish. Imogen looked at the steadiness as growth between the two, as opposed to the uncertainty surrounding Nick and Jawahir.

Likely vote: Seb and Kayla


While she was also entangled in a love triangle, Flavia spent much more time on the island and saw what took place between all of the couples. Flavia was also in the position of having taken out Seb on a date, and then being rejected for a kiss by him. This could have left a bad idea in her head, even though she never really talked about it.

With Nick and Jawahir, she saw nothing but growth and the strength to endure a lot of what a relationship could entail. Flavia saw this and after going through her own love triangle situation came out respecting Nick and Jawahir a lot more than before.

Likely vote: Nick and Jawahir


One of Jawahir’s closest friends on-screen during this season was Brittan. Jawahir and Brittan would always vent to each other about everything that was going on during the show and during their time together there. Brittan witnessed as close as anyone what Jawahir was going through and the mental toll it took on her. The fact that she chose Nick made Brittan incredibly happy and satisfied. Although she also respected Seb and Kayla, the friendship between Jawahir and Brittan is clear as day.

Likely vote: Nick and Jawahir


Brittan and James were love interests during their time on the island, which means that they probably spent a lot of time communicating about everything going on, including Brittan’s friendship with Jawahir. Although he had a brief fling with Kayla at the start, he was more focussed on his relationship with Britain after the workshop.

James probably grew a soft spot after talking so much with Brittan about the relationship between Nick and Jawahir that he wanted to vote for them. Since the show has been over, he also has posted a lot with Nick, suggesting a closer friendship than fans might have been led on.

Likely vote: Nick and Jawahir

Why were Brittan and James not nominated for the prize fund?

One last question about the finalists was why Brittan and James were not nominated as finalists. James clearly grew a lot after having only truly cared about the money at first. He realized his relationship was more important than money. However, he and Brittan did not break any rules.

You would think this would be a good thing, however, it does not suggest as much growth as Seb and Kayla or Nick and Jawahir. Had the two had a longer connection, with James not caring about money, they more than likely would have been nominated.