The Whisperers Make Themselves Heard In New Walking Dead Promo


So far, the promos for The Walking Dead season 9B have focused on the creepiness of the Whisperers – quite rightly, really – as the community who’ve taken to wearing walker skins as masks are definitely the most chilling villains the show’s ever had (and that’s saying something). However, this new teaser for the series’ return next week sees the Whisperers find their voice, as their leader Alpha makes a stand against the Alexandrians and their allies.

The 42-second promo features a voiceover from Samantha Morton as Alpha, who we’ve yet to meet on the show. So far, we could only guess as to why the Whisperers have it in for the survivors, but Alpha’s speech makes it clear that she’s fighting a territorial battle. “Your people crossed into our land. Your people killed our people,” she cries in the trailer. “There will be conflict.”

As the voiceover plays, the preview treats us to a few fast-paced glimpses of what’s to come. From what we can gather, there’ll be knife-fights, blood, decapitations and an awful lot of folks looking over their shoulder while skulking through the woods. The first clip even gives us a look at Alpha without her mask, as we see a bald woman walk through a crowd of Whisperers.

A previous promo introduced us to Alpha’s daughter, Lydia, and it was revealed that she’ll end up captured – or really, saved – by the Alexandrians, which will no doubt only increase Alpha’s ire with Michonne and the rest. Then there’s Beta (Ryan Hurst), her number two, who we’ve been told can be even more reckless than she is. He can be glimpsed in the promo above as well, when fixing Alpha’s mask on her head.

Suffice it to say, there’s much to look forward to and you better be sure to catch The Walking Dead‘s midseason premiere, titled “Adaptation,” when it airs on AMC on Sunday, February 10th.