Who Are Howard Stern’s Daughters?

Howard Stern is glad he didn't end up becoming a radio DJ. "I didn't want to play The Beatles," he says. "I wanted to be The Beatles.

Back in the ’90s, radio personality Howard Stern had a gift for rubbing audiences the wrong way, especially when it came to women. His comments regarding sex were frequently viewed as the vulgar opinions of a perverted chauvinist. Then his movie Private Parts premiered in 1997 and told the story of his life and career, revealing that he was simply a nerdy man who actually had a soft spot for women, particularly when it came to his wife, Alison Berns.

The couple was married before Stern’s rise to radio jock stardom and remained together from 1978 to 2001. At the time, many reports alleged that the reason for their divorce was due to Stern’s infidelity and constant derogatory commentary towards women. However, both Sterns and Berns have attested that it was Stern’s workaholic nature and neglect for his family that ultimately led to their separation.

The couple managed to welcome three daughters into the world during their marriage, and though Stern’s progeny are not as famous as their father, there are a few details as to what they’ve been up to.

Emily Stern was born on May 7, 1983 in New York. The oldest of three girls, she was the first to try to follow her father’s footsteps into the entertainment industry. She attended New York University to pursue a degree in theater and acting. So far, Emily has starred in movies like Remember Me (2017) and The Elevator Game (2015). She was once an aspiring singer as well, releasing her first⏤and so far, only⏤album, Birth Day, in 2012.

Deborah Jennifer Stern was born on May 9, 1986. Like her sister Emily, she has also tried her hand at acting. Unfortunately, so far she has only managed to snag minor roles in movies like For the Boys, Nudist Colony of the Dead, and Wide Awake. After achieving a degree in Humanitarian Services and a Ph.D in Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania, Deborah decided to leave acting to her sister and become a brand consultant. She now runs her own brand consultancy firm, Deborah Stern Partners.

Ashley Jade Stern was born on Jan. 24, 1993. Not much is known about her interests or profession, as she’s a very private person and does a good job of staying out of the spotlight, but we do know that just like her older sisters, Ashley has attempted to pursue acting. She began her career at the age of eight with a supporting role in the film When I Was Twelve in 2001. Afterwards, she managed to build a decent number of acting credits in television and film including Anthem Alert (2004), Let Me Be Your Fantasy (2005), Set You Free ( 2006), and Success is in the Can (2006).

Now grown up and in their ’30s and ’40s, Howard Stern’s daughters are rarely on social media and prefer to keep a low profile. Not much is known about them outside of the fact that their father is a famous celebrity, and it seems, at least for now, that they aim to keep it that way.