Who Created Cocomelon?


If you’re a parent or a Pewdiepie fan it’s likely you’ve heard of Cocomelon before. The YouTube channel creates plenty of colorful, musical content for preschool children and has grown to be one of the two largest channels on the platform.

Boasting over 113 million subscribers, a successful Netflix series, and a toy and apparel line to match, it should come as no surprise that the company is making millions in profit each year.

While the company may have seemed to appear from nowhere over the past few years, the story of its origins goes back as early as 2006. Here’s what you need to know about how the channel began and who is responsible for creating this goliath children’s entertainment brand.

How Did Cocomelon begin?

The company began with creator Jay Jeon who founded the animation studio, Treasure Studio Inc. taking his experience as a filmmaker and storyteller and collaborating with his wife who had experience as an illustrator for children’s books.

While Cocomelon is the name synonymous with the couple’s creations today, the channel began as ThatsMEonTV before being changed to ABCkidTV where they uploaded their first animated short in 2006. The couple chose to change the name of the channel again later in their endeavor as they felt ABCkidTV wasn’t as fun as Cocomelon for kids.

Who Owns Cocomelon?

According to information online, Cocomelon is solely owned by Treasure Studio Inc. the company founded by Jay Jeon in 2005 and the creators of what has become the longest-running children’s channel on YouTube with consistent uploads for more than 13 years.