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Who does Lainey Wilson play in ‘Yellowstone’ season five?

Get to know the country music star's character on #YellowstoneTV.

Lainey Wilson Yellowstone
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It has been confirmed that new characters will be introduced in season five of Yellowstone. Some will play as potential adversaries against the Duttons. Meanwhile, others are there to act as a distraction from the family’s troubles.

One of the biggest news about the series is the acting debut of country singer Lainey Wilson.

Wilson is an award-winning country artist who released four studio albums since 2014. She won the 2022’s Country Music Association Award for “Female Vocalist of the year” and “New Artist of the Year.” The singer has over 3 monthly listened followers on Spotify, with her most popular track being “Things A Man Oughta Know.”

Fans were excited when it was announced that this singer will star in one of Paramount’s biggest drama series. But just in case you missed the series premiere, here is who Wilson plays in Yellowstone season five.

Who exactly does the country music star play in ‘Yellowstone’ season five?

Wilson made her debut in Yellowstone during the season five premiere. She first appeared in the Dutton ranch and gave attention to Ryan, one of the ranch hands. She plays Abby, who told Beth Dutton that she has no interest in dating a cowboy. She believes that cowboys would only put her second in the pecking order and that she won’t be the most important person to them, making Beth scoff. But despite her mindset, Ryan was able to charm her as he asked her for a dance.

According to Wilson, Abby is just like her. She described this character as someone who likes to sing and enjoys the countryside of things. It’s like the show managed to add the singer to the series, but had her name changed.

“It’s pretty much me. And it’s cool, I’m getting to sing my own songs, I’m getting to wear my get-up, I just go by the name Abby, so it’s awesome. It really is,” 

Season five of Yellowstone will not only bring in the drama. It will also include some wholesome and intimate moments just to break out the intense moments. You can keep tabs on Ryan and Abby’s developing relationship as more episodes come out on Sundays at Paramount.

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