Who is ’90 Day Fiancé’ star and ‘fart jar girl’ Stephanie Matto?

Fart jar girl Stephanie Matto

A former 90 Day Fiancé star is making waves online after she revealed that she makes serious money by selling her farts online.

Stephanie Matto originally rose to fame as a participant on TLC’s bafflingly popular 90 Day Fiancé. She appeared in season 8 of the series, which aired between Dec. 2020 and April 2021. She quickly became a crowd favorite, thanks in large part to her status as the season’s resident sugar mama.

In the months since her final appearance on the TLC series, Matto has continued to rake in cash via a very different venture. These days, the YouTuber and entrepreneur is raking in big money by farting into jars and selling them online. It might sound odd, but Matto recently told TMZ that she’s already earned around $100,000 from selling various jars of her flatulence.

Matto’s actually been a relatively prominent figure online for years, even before 90 Day Fiancé rocketed her to fame. She’s been on YouTube since 2012, and in that time has gathered more than 373,000 subscribers. Her videos have been viewed, in total, more than 67 million times.

Her primary income continues to come from her side business, however, which sees Matto load up on foods that are known to produce gas, like beans, fiber muffins, and yogurt two to three days weekly. She then, according to a “Day in the Life” video posted to Matto’s Instagram, waits “for those farts to develop.” Once they are ready for deployment, the 31-year-old transfers them into charming, decorated jars before sealing them in.

Each jar comes complete with a flower petal or two, which Matto says help “attach the scent and make it last longer.” She also includes a personalized note with each purchase.

Let’s be honest, a lot of people might balk at the idea of selling their flatulence in a to-go container, but Matto might just be onto something. As of Nov. 23, she had already sold 97 jars. At a highly discounted rate, these things are selling for $100 a pop, all for a jar of slightly smelly air.

The preparation process behind producing enough flatulence for her new business can even get risky, according to Matto, who told TMZ that an excess of fiber bars nearly landed her in the Emergency Department.

Matto fully recovered from her health scare and continues to maintain her stinky side-gig. She’ll continue to produce farts to fill orders as long as interest remains, which could see Matto’s business thriving for years to come.