Who is the mysterious character introduced in ‘Moon Knight’ episode 4?

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This article contains major spoilers for Moon Knight episode 4 throughout

Marvel’s gleefully throwing curveballs with abandon in Moon Knight. Given its heritage, superhero fans who’ve read up on the lesser-known character have expected some trickery in this particular jaunt from the outset, though even the most ardent Moon Knight followers probably didn’t expect the cliffhanger presented by episode 4.

Major spoilers follow

Not particularly enjoying their newfound incarceration in a psychiatric hospital, Marc Spector and Steven Grant, now separate physical entities, attempt to escape what’s implied to be a well-fortified mental prison, complete with angry orderlies.

Scared, dazed and questioning their own reality, the pair, seemingly cornered and wary of what appears to be a malevolent force approaching them, react with humorous terror when an unseen assailant breaches the hospital doors, revealing themselves to be decidedly non-human.

Stood before them is an anthropomorphic hippo who history buffs have immediately identified as Taweret. The Ancient Egyptian deity, which never appears in the Moon Knight comics, is associated with childbirth and fertility, begging the question of what they want with the avatar of Khonshu.

The scene cuts to black before any answer is provided, though next week’s continuation will no doubt shed some light on why Tawaret has come to the pair’s aid. If we had to guess, it probably has something to do with this week’s reveal that Khonshu isn’t the only member of the Egyptian pantheon who’s been forcibly confined in an ushabti for who knows how long.

Expect to see the veil finally begin to drop when Moon Knight episode 5 airs next week, April 27.

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