Whoopi Goldberg Wants To Take Over From Jodie Whittaker On Doctor Who

Doctor Who

This month, rumors started swirling that Jodie Whittaker is currently shooting her final season of Doctor WhoWhile it’s unconfirmed as yet, it’s got fans thinking about who could replace the actress as the Fourteenth Doctor and now, a big star who’s made their interest in the part known before has yet again thrown their name into the hat.

Yes, Whoopi Goldberg has revealed she wants to be the first American incarnation of the Time Lord. While speaking with SFX Magazine, Goldberg explained that she even discussed the possibility with Tom Baker, the iconic actor who played the Fourth Doctor, who she’s apparently friends with.

“I was lucky enough to speak to Tom Baker about it – he’s the Doctor I know best,” she said. “For me, Tom Baker was the best Doctor. Of course, the younger Doctors are good, but when it comes to the older Doctors, it was always Tom Baker for me. I wanted to be the first female Doctor, but they have one. I said to [Tom], ‘I love the idea of an American Doctor Who’. I’m still trying to do it.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the Oscar-winning actress and TV personality has outed herself as a major Doctor Who fan. Back in 2019, she spoke with another Time Lord, David Tennant, on an episode of his podcast and made clear that she had actually contacted the BBC at one point and pitched herself as the show’s new lead, but they quietly turned her down. At the time, she also said that she would be willing to guest star on the series in any capacity, though she’s yet to be taken up on that offer.

While we wait for her to appear in the Whoniverse, at least Goldberg will soon be back in the Star Trek franchise. She recently confirmed that she’ll be reprising her role as Guinan in Picard season 2, following Patrick Stewart publicly inviting her into the fold on The View last year. Goldberg has stated that she’s “very excited” to get back in the saddle and has been rewatching The Next Generation in preparation.

As for Doctor Whowe’ve no doubt got months of speculation ahead of us as to who will replace Jodie Whittaker, but do you think Whoopi Goldberg has what it takes? Have your say in the comments section below.