Why is ‘Daredevil’ rated MA on Disney Plus?

Image via Netflix

The relocation of Netflix’s Daredevil, along with the rest of the Defenders crew, is rekindling excitement for the extended Marvel series.

Daredevil, in particular, built up a passionate fanbase over its three seasons on Netflix, and those fans are swarming to the show’s new home on Disney Plus to re-binge every episode. In order to do so, Disney Plus subscribers must first alter their content rating to TV-MA. Some of the themes in Marvel’s Defenders Saga are far more mature than most of Disney’s content, leading to the platform’s shift in content rating.

A few standout scenes in Daredevil make the MA rating a good decision on Disney’s part. While many households have subscriptions to multiple streaming services, some restrict access to everything but Disney Plus. Due to the platform’s typically child-friendly content, it is often seen as the safest option for viewers of all ages. The addition of Daredevil and Jessica Jones changes this somewhat.

Image via Daredevil/Disney Plus

Daredevil isn’t needlessly violent, but it does indulge its darker side more often than most of Disney’s properties. There are a few scenes that are genuinely unsuitable for young eyes — Wilson Fisk’s door scene in season one, for instance — and some of the show’s storylines take dark turns that may be best avoided by all but mature audiences.

Thus, Disney attached the MA rating to Daredevil along with the rest of the Defenders titles. The decision thankfully barely impacts audiences of an appropriate age, as it simply requires a quick shift in their account settings.