Why This Frank Sinatra Song Holds Serious Meaning In Squid Game

Since the release of Netflix’s Squid Game, fans haven’t gotten enough of dissecting every minute detail of the show. Considering the streaming service has said is its biggest series launch of all time and reached 142 million households around the world, it makes sense that a lot of eyes are looking for hidden details.

One aspect in particular that is being re-examined is the use of the Frank Sinatra song “Fly Me To the Moon” and its possible connection to Oh Yeong-su’s character, Oh Il-nam.

Spoilers Ahead

As we find out at the end of the show, Il-nam or Player 001 turns out to be the mastermind behind the entire Squid Game enterprise as he reveals on his death bed to Lee Jung-jae’s Seong Gi-hun that he is an extremely wealthy businessman whose enormous wealth has left his zest for life withered.

In order to help zap his spirit back to new heights, he creates the Squid Game organization to bring back some of that zeal and even ends up participating in it himself once he gets diagnosed with cancer.

As one Reddit user pointed out, the use of the song in the first episode conveys a different meaning upon re-watching the series with the knowledge that Il-nam is actually reveling in the thrill of the game.

The song takes on even more meaning when you know of Frank Sinatra’s history with the mafia as well as another user pointed out. While the song seems innocent on the surface — just like the competition taking place itself — there are darker undertones hidden underneath.

That, and it might have an even deeper artistic meaning as well.

“I’ve also seen Reddit posts talk about how the song helps viewers shift from a horrified state to a much more calmer state of disbelief, and I totally agree with that. Instead of seeing the players dying in vain, the song makes it seem like they are on their way to heaven (“fly me to the moon”). 

“Fly Me To The Moon” is a theme song for us viewers. We’ve become so desensitized to violence that, despite the dark nature of the Squid Game, we popularized it across many media platforms – from TikToks to talk shows.”

Did you spot any hidden meanings in Squid Game upon a second viewing? Leave it in the comments below.